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Access roads to Hotel Cuello de Luna

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Google maps  >>> Please be aware that on Google Maps the access road from the bridge at km 320 km is not accurate, please check the scetch and the pics of the access road and trail for details.

Avenue of the volcanoes

Map Avenue of the volcanoes

Map Iliniza

Map Iliniza

Cotopaxi Map

Map Cotopaxi National Park

Map Mulalo

Map Mulalo 1:50‘000


Map Machachi 1:50‘000


Map Cotopaxi-Iliniza 1:50‘000

Mapa Sigchos

Map Sigchos-Chugchilan-Isinliví 1:50‘000


Map Pilalo, Quilotoa Zumbahua 1:50‘000

Hotel Cuello de Luna

Panamericana km 319,7 
100m south of the Bridge to Cotopaxi National Park
El Chasqui - Pastocalle
Cantón Latacunga
Cotopaxi, Ecuador


-0.694693    -78.595106
0°41’40.9”S    78°35”42.4"
UTM 17M 767694  19923140
Altitude: 3125 m  /  10,252 ft

Mountain Climbing in Ecuador