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Activities around Cuello de Luna

Mountain Lodge Hotel Cuello de Luna is located between high snow capped mountains and volcanoes in the Andes of Ecuador. It is the perfect place to acclimate for climbing Cotopaxi, for day hiking and biking in the Cotopaxi National Park, to visit the Quilotoa Crater and the indigenous markets of Saquisili and Zumbahua and the andean indian communities.

Visit Cotopaxi National Park,  Iliniza natural reserva, Quilotoa Lake, Zumbahua and Saquisili markets or acclimate for your climbing adventures to Iliniza, Cotopaxi, Cayambe, Antisana and even Chimborazo on your own and independently or with our assitance. Ascend the up to 5000m high minor peaks in our area like Santa Cruz, Rumiñahui, Pasochoa, Iliniza North.......go for a hike or discover the magnificent andean surroundings on a bicycle or on horse back.

Whether you want to discover the highlands on your own or you prefer to enjoy our tour and guide service, we are happy to help and assist you.

We arrange and guide excursions, activities and tours in our area, from guided daytours to 5 day adventure tour packages and excursions, selfguided hikes and bike trips, and multi-sport adventures. We provide certified highly qualified IFMGA mountain guide service for your private tours and expeditions throughout the Andes.
Acclimatize for your climbs to Cotopaxi volcano, Chimborazo and Illiniza in our Mountain Lodge Hotel Cuello de Luna at 3125m. Visit with us the weekly indigenous markets in Zumbahua (saturdays), Saquisili (thursdays) and Guantualó (mondays), hike through andean villages and authentic mountain scenery and enjoy the spontaneous encounters with the friendly and sometimes shy people of this beautiful highland.

For your independant and self guided activities, we arrange and provide private transportation, reliable drop off and pick up service for your hikes, climbs and MT-bike tours and adventures, private 4x4 transport as well as area maps and information concerning public transportation and alternative travel options. Our MOUNTAIN bikes for rent are ready to take you anywhere, to the nearby Cotopaxi national park, to the Thursday market in Saquisili or to andean villages of Isinliví, Chugchilan and Sigchos on the Quilotoa Loop - this with or without our support vehicle.

We arrange private transfers from and to Quito Airport Tababela, to Quito (downtown, old city, bus terminal south "Quitumbe" and north "Carcelen"), Lasso, Latacunga, Cotopaxi National Park, Quilotoa, Zumbahua (saturday market), Saquisili (thursday market),  Guantualó (monday market), Baños, Chimborazo, Alausi Devil´s Nose-Train Station, Mindo in the cloud forest, Cuenca, Guayaquil, the jungle. Just let us know how we can help you.

Tours and Excursions - Cotopaxi National Park

Please have a look at the selection of activities we offer and let us know what your needs and travel dreams are. We will be happy to host you at Mountain Lodge Hotel Cuello de Luna and to assist you to make your Cotopaxi - Ecuador visit unforgettable and to realize your projects and dreams in the Cotopaxi highland area. 

Our guided excursions & day tours

Our guided day tours and excursions are addressed to anyone who wants to descover our awesome andean landscape.
You decide, depending on your physical condition and preferences, how long and how much you want to hike and what
altitude suits you. Our day tours include Spanish speaking driverguide and transportation. English and German guided
tours are available on request. Optionally, we can provide lunch or lunch bag. 

Daytour Cotopaxi National Park

Cotopaxi National Park - Day tour (4-8 hours)
Journey into the Cotopaxi National Park, Limpiopungo hike, Cotopaxi mountain refuge Jose Rivas, ascend to the glacier at 5000m possible, descend to the car park and drive back to Mountain Lodge Hotel Cuello de Luna. Drive time: 2-2 1/2h, 64km,  hiking time: 0.5 - 6 hours, Altitude reached  min. 3800m, max. 5050m.
Quilotoa Lake - Quilotoa Daytour

Quilotoa Crater  - Day tour (6-8 hours)
Drive to Quiloto in the western highland, passing indigenous villages and lush andean landscape, visit Quilotoa Crater at 3800m, descent 300m to the lake, ascend back to rater edge and drive back to Cuello de Luna.
Drive time: 4 - 5 h, 220km, hiking time: 0 - 3 hours, max. altitude: 4050m
Saquisili indigenous market

Saquisili Market - Half day tour   (optional bike ride back to Cuello de Luna)
Early drive to Saquisili, guided visit the animal market early in the morning, continue to visit all market places, potatoes, fruits, crafts, clothes, hats etc.
Return journey to Cuello de Luna,
Ask for option 1: assisted mountain bike ride back to the hotel, incl. support vehicle.
Ask for option 2: self guided MTB ride back to Cuello de Luna.

Saquisili Market and Quilotoa Crater

Saquisili Market & Quilotoa Crater Lake  - Day tour Combo (7-10 hours)
Short drive to Saquisili, visit the animal market early in the morning, visit potatoes, fruit, crafts market. Drive to Quiloto in the western highland, passing indigenous villages and lush andean landscape, visit Quilotoa Crater at 3800m, descent 300m to the lake, ascend back to rater edge and drive back to Cuello de Luna.
Cotopaxi - Limpiopungo lake hike

Saquisili Market  & Cotopaxi National Park - Day tour Combo (6-10 hours)
Drive to Saquisili, visit the animal market early in the morning, visit potato, fruit, crafts market. Drive to the Cotopaxi National Park, Limpiopungo hike, mountain refuge Jose Rivas, descend to the car park and drive back to Cuello de Luna. Drive time: 3-3 1/2h, 114km, hiking time: 1 - 6 hours, Altitude reached min/max. 3800m/ 5050m
Quilotoa Crater Hike

Quilotoa Crater Hike -  Day tour  (7-10 hours)
Drive to Quiloto in the western highland, passing indigenous villages and lush andean landscape, visit Quilotoa Crater at 3800m, beautiful hike all the way around the crater up und down the rim, 11 km , 950m height gain, drive back to Cuello de Luna.
Drive time: 4 - 5 h, 220km, hiking time: 3 to 6 hours, max. altitude: 4050m.
Quilotoa Loop Landscape

Quilotoa Loop Tour -  Day tour  (7-12 hours)
Drive to Quiloto, visit the crater, descent 300m to the lake at the bottom, continue your drive through impressive mountain scenery to the andean villages of Chugchilan and Isinliví. Finally an adventurous ride over the mountainpass Guingopana 4000m back to Cuello de Luna. Drive time: 5-6 h, 230km, hiking time: 0.5-2 hours, max. altitude: 4050m
Pasochoa Summit -nature reserve

Pasochoa Protected Forest Reserve  -  Day tour  (5-8 hours)
Drive to the Pasochoa Reserve, a beautiful place for bird watching, trekking and hiking, including some trails of varying difficulty, is a great option for true nature. Drive time: 2 h, 100km, hiking time: 0.5-6 hours, max. altitude: 3600m.

Hiking and climbing tours

Our guided hiking and climbing  tours are aimed at guests of normal to good physical condition, who have higher demands and
expectations in terms of hiking time, altitude and effort and may even want to acclimatize themselves for higher  summit adventures.
Our tours include naturalist or mountain guide - depending on the destination, transportation, multi daytours include overnight stay
in refuges, inns or tents and dinner. Optionally, we also offer lunch, equipment and gear.

VOlcano Rumiñahui - Cotopaxi National Park Day Tour

Rumiñahui 4631m , Cotopaxi National Park  - Day Tour  (7-9 hours)
40 minutes drive drive to the Limpiopungo Lake in the Cotopaxi National Park. 3 to 4 hours hike and some unpretentious climbing to Rumiñahui Central (4631m). No tecnical gear required. For more demanding and skilled guests we offer Rumiñahui north peak 4712m and Rumiñahui south peak 4696m, guided by a IFMGA Guide. These peaks require basic rock climbing skills and experience.
Volcano Pasochoa - Reserva Natural

Volcano Pasochoa 4198m -  Day Tour (6-9 hours)
1h drive to the trailhead of our tour at 3360m. On narrow trails through the lush green paramo grasland and a short very simple rock passage we get in four to five hours to the summit and descend in two hours. Drive time: 2 h, 100km, hike: 5 to 7 hours, max. altitude: 4198m.
Iliniza North - 2 day climb

Iliniza North 5116 m - Day tour with Mountain Guide IFMGA
Drive to La Virgen, hike in 2 hours to the mountain hut. Ascend Iliniza North on SE and further up on the N ridge. Descent on the northern sand and gravel slopes back to our vehicule. For this tour basic climbing experience and a head of heights are required. Drive time: 2 h, 60km, hike: 6 to 8 hours, max. altitude: 5116m.
Santa Cruz - ascension Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz 3998m - Day tour
Directly from Cuello de Luna, 3125m, we hike in a 3-5h to the summit of the extinguished volcano Santa Cruz, at the beginning on a trail, further up through almost virgin paramo vegetation and grasland. Spectacular view on Cotopaxi and Iliniza. Drive time: 0,  hiking time: 5-8 hours, max. altitude: 3998m.
Iliniza north 2 day tour, Iliniza mountain hut

Iliniza North 5116m - 2 day tour , overnight at Nuevos Horizontes hut (4680m)
Drive to La Virgen, hike in 2 hours to the mountain hut. Next morning ascend Iliniza North on SE and N ridge. Descend to the mountain hut on the E ridge and back to our vehicule. Basic rock climbing experience and a head of heights are required. Drive time: 2 h, 60km, hiking time day 1: 2-3 hours, day 2: 4 to 6 hours, max. altitude: 5116m.

Mountain bike and multi-sport tours

Mountain Bike Tour Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi National Park - Mountain Bike Day tour

Cotopaxi Adventure Combo Tour Packages

See more of Cotopaxi with our adventure combo tours combining Cotopaxi National Park, Quilotoa Crater Lake, Indigenous markets in 
Zumbahua, Saquisili, Guantualó with mountain hikes to Rumiñahui, Pasochoa, Corazón and even Mt. Iliniza and Mt. Cotopaxi.

Indigenous weekly market Saquisili, Cotopaxi

Check back......coming sooon !

Prices of tours and excursions 

Our tour prices include transportation and Spanish speaking driver guide for up to 8 people (Spanish speaking guide plus driver
for 9+ persons) and guided hikes and/or biketrails. For MTB tours bike and helmet are included. NOT included are nationalpark
fees, mountain guide services, entrance fees, train ticket, food and beverage, tips .
On request we provide English-speaking driver/guide at extra cost, depending on tour and participants.
For day tours and excursions Hotel Cuello de Luna can provide Lunchbag upon request.
For 1 and 2 persons flat rates are charged, for 3 and 4+ persons per person prices apply. Prices for mountaineering Ttours are per person.

For further information and prices of our tours and excursions please contact us.

Please note: If you plan to do some tours with us, please take in mind, that we do NOT receive Credit and Debit Cards at the hotel, only cash at the frontdesk. Credit cards are accepted only for advance payments with Paypal.  Advance payments can be made by bank deposit and wire transfer.

Tour1 or 2  persons3 persons4+ personsOptional services
Cotopaxi National ParkUSDUSD  USD p/pLunchbag
Quilotoa Crater Lake TourUSDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
Saquisili Market - half day (thursdays)USDUSDUSD p/pBike ride back
Saquisili and Quilotoa full day (thursdays)USDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag, MTbike
Saquisili Market and Cotopaxi NP (thursdays)USDUSD
USD p/pLunchbag
Quilotoa, guided Crater Hike full dayUSDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
Quilotoa Loop Tour, full dayUSDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
Pasochoa protected forest reserveUSDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
Rumiñahui - Cotopaxi NPUSDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
Pasochoa volcano, guided summit tourUSDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
Iliniza North, guided summit tourUSDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
Santa Cruz, guided hiking tourUSDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
Ilinniza North, 2 days, guided ascent w/overnightUSDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
Cotopaxi NP, assisted MTbiketour, full day, incl. support vehicleUSDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
Saquisili Market-MTBiktour back to Hotel assisted incl. vehicleUSDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
Saquisili Market-self guided MTBiketour back to HotelUSDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
Cotopaxi NP, assisted MTbiketour, full day, incl. support vehicleUSDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
Iliniza North & South 3 days, IFMGA guided (1pax/2pax)USDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
Cotopaxi Summit with IFMGA guide USDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
MTB Rental por individual tours (including helmet) USDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
Baños, zoo, hotsprings, pailon del diabloUSDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
Indigenous market Guantualó (mondays)USDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
Indigenous market Zumbahua & Quilpotoa Lake (saturdays)USDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag
Guingopana-Isinliví-Chugchilan-Quilotoa, 3 days hiking tourUSDUSDUSD p/pLunchbag

Transportation prices - private transport

Private Transportation (eg. pick up or drop off) is considered tranport from the Hotel to the destination or viceversa ( from the destination to the hotel), or from the hotel to the destination and back immediately without delay. For 1-4 persons the flat rates apply, for 5+ persons the per person rates apply.

For further information and prices on our shuttle and private tranportation service please contact us.

Destinations and pick up points1-3 persons4-5 persons6+ personsTime and Distance (one way)
Airport Quito-Tababela drop offUSD
USD p/pUSD p/p1h 30m   100km
Airport Quito-Tababela pick up, incl. 1h waiting periodUSDUSD p/pUSD p/pextra waiting time 8 USD/hour 
Quito centre, Mariscal and southUSDUSD p/pUSD p/p1h 20m   70km
Quito northern neighborhoodsUSDUSD p/pUSD p/p
Devil's nose - Alausi railroad stationUSDUSD p/pUSD p/p3h 40min   225km
RiobambaUSDUSD p/pUSD p/p2h 10min   135km
Baños (hot springs, zoo, pailon del diablo)USDUSD p/pUSD p/p2h   120km
Papallacta Termas,  hot springs via la virgin pass 4000mUSDUSD p/pUSD p/p2h 10min   130km
Saquisili (indigenous market, thursdays)USDUSD p/pUSD p/p25min   22km
LatacungaUSDUSD p/pUSD p/p30min   28km
Lasso ( village and ATM)USDUSD p/pUSD p/p10min   8km
Cotopaxi refuge, car parking 4550mUSDUSD  p/pUSD p/p1h 10min    32km
Ilinizas hut, car parking La Virgen 3995mUSDUSD  p/pUSD p/p1h 10min   40km
Corazon (trail head hacienda)USDUSD  p/pUSD p/p1h 10min   40km
Limpiopungo - trail head Mt Rumiñahui  40min.USDUSD  p/pUSD p/p40min 23km
Quilotoa crater lake / Zumbahua villageUSDUSD  p/pUSD p/p2h   100km
Chugchilan via Sigchos / via ZumbahuaUSDUSD  p/pUSD p/p2h   90km / 120km
Chimborazo (Carrel hut, car park)
USDUSD  p/pUSD p/p2h 40min   160km
Cayambe (Refuge or parking)USDUSD  p/pUSD p/p3h 20min   160km
Pasochoa park entrance or trail head to summitUSDUSD  p/pUSD p/p1h 40min   60km
Pichincha (Cruz Loma or Guagua)
USDUSD  p/pUSD p/p1h 30min   70km
Mindo Cloudforest via CalacalíUSDUSD  p/pUSD p/p3h   170km
OtavaloUSDUSD  p/pUSD p/p2h 50min   165km
Hotel Cuello de Luna

Panamericana km 319,7 
100m south of the Bridge to Cotopaxi National Park
El Chasqui - Pastocalle
Cantón Latacunga
Cotopaxi, Ecuador


-0.694693    -78.595106
0°41’40.9”S    78°35”42.4"
UTM 17M 767694  19923140
Altitude: 3125 m  /  10,252 ft

Mountain Climbing in Ecuador