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We serve tasty and delicious freshly and on order cooked healthy farmhouse food with locally grown vegtables and regional products and a delicious breakfast with homemade whole wheat and white bread, fresh milk and yogurt from our cow "manchita", fruits, eggs, butter and jam, best ecuadorian highland coffee. With prior notice, we consider special diets such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free as well as allergies a challenge rather than an obstacle.

Hotel Cuello de Luna

Panamericana km 319,7 
100m south of the Bridge to Cotopaxi National Park
El Chasqui - Pastocalle
Cantón Latacunga
Cotopaxi, Ecuador


-0.694693    -78.595106
0°41’40.9”S    78°35”42.4"
UTM 17M 767694  19923140
Altitude: 3125 m  /  10,252 ft

Mountain Climbing in Ecuador